When I casually told my hubby (just for you, Bhumika!) that there was a sale at the popular clothing store NEXT, I didn’t expect him to say yes to the outing immediately. I was prepared to coax, cajole, even beg ‘cause I had heard loads about the fabulous next sale every time it was on, but had managed to stroll in only when the shop was 99% raided.

What followed next (ah, the cheap thrill) was us checking out the bus timetable and figuring out if there was a bus early enough for us to be there to take prime position. Yes, what’s surprising is not the store opening time, which was 4:00 am, but us planning to be there at that ungodly hour. The devil does wear Prada to lure you in.

So the plan was to take the last night bus and shock the usual drunken inhabitants of a late bus with shiny bags and smiles before heading for materialistic bliss. The maudlin souls escaped, though, ‘cause a kind friend, already a member of consumerist hell, offered us a hoist up the commute ladder with her car.

I have to say it was worth every lost wink of sleep and I felt like the real-life version of Cinderella. Following the fairytale, the clock did strike twelve for me when I caught up with the husband to exchange notes on our shopping. I was greeted by six huge shopping bags stuffed to the brim, a lazy smile, no sign of irritation and the words “you’ve created a monster.” He hasn’t uttered truer words.

The following day, we went to the city to pick up groceries and no prizes for guessing what we ended up doing. Going NEXT shopping of course! Our pal rushes in saying the shop might close anytime and that he had to make the most of it, comes out with another heavily laden bag, a lighter wallet and a beaming smile. On reaching home, he decided that he felt they were more bargains to be had and has started planning his next visit. I’ve also been hearing the virtues of such sales and how I should have suggested such shopping expeditions long ago and how he’ll never hesitate to accompany me on such outings. I think I need some smelling salts at this stage.

14 Responses to “NEXT”

  1. Bhumika Says:

    I just have one question – Did you buy anything for me?
    If the answers is no, we cannot speak anymore for that hubby slur.
    Arun always had it in him. I knew this too like all other things I knew.
    (Past tense is intentional).

  2. Basically Blah Says:

    Ah, sales, shopping, shopping, shopping!!! Love it! Suggestion: Should we begin to use words like “benedick” or “better half” etc. so as to not ruffle Boom’s feathers?! 😉 or may be more vernacular variations? tee-hee!

  3. Arun Says:

    I hear H&M are having a sale soon…..on your mark, g-g- gone!

  4. Basically Blah Says:

    @Anoos: Loved the video. Gave me a good laugh! And then I decided it was high time I listened to some good ol’ dappankuthu to distract from the miserable woman spreading more misery, and so I did! 😀

    @Arun: H&M sale?! Wheee! Way to go, Sistah! 😛

  5. Bhumika Says:

    LOL, you guys (Sarita and Anura) are ridiculous. Anything but hubby, please. Anything. How the hell did you find this link! LOL. I can picture you singing this. Hahahahaha. And her hair!

    And full of such promises you are Anuradha! Six months is too long to wait though.

    Get me more flannel and some silk and some of that delicious soft, shiny tops stuff you buy. Aruna can help choose. 🙂

  6. Basically Blah Says:

    @ Boom: By Aruna you mean Anu’s ‘Ganda’, yes? 😛

  7. Bhumika Says:

    Okay. I’m wondering which is the lesser of the two evils. You calling me Boom or you calling your husband “hubby”. God, why can’t you not say either? Ganda is fine. Though it sounds awful. Ejamanare is feudal, so I’m guessing you guys won’t use that. 🙂

  8. Basically Blah Says:

    gngnngngngngngngngnnnnnn….. I demand a new post!!!

  9. Anuradha1481 Says:

    “My Celtic Adventures” coming soon!

  10. Basically Blah Says:

    Don’t you think the London memoirs ARE WAY OVER DUE?!!

  11. Malavika Says:

    Hey Anu!

    Remember Malavika from JNC? Well here I am at your blog…don’t know how I landed here but happy to have found it…can’t remember when I last met you…let me know when you come down to Bangalore…you can write in to me at


  12. anuradha1481 Says:

    Hey Mailavika! This is one big surprise! Really cool stuff! Can’t stop exclaiming now!

    I’m so glad that you landed here, wanted to get in touch with you quite a few times, but didn’t have any contact info until now. Will mail you soon and exchange updates 😀

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